We grow businesses by reimagining events and making them experiences.

Day One

From day one in 2017, we set out on a mission to design experiences that harnesses the power of people. Why? Because without truly knowing who we design for, we cannot expect them to engage. And in the event world, engagement is the holy grail.

Too often, the same problems are offered the same solutions. Innovation, by nature, requires finding a new approach to an old problem. Rebuilding of the future of events requires a change in perspective.

From concept to creation and everything in between, RDC will partner with you to develop services that best meet your organization’s unique needs and desired goals.

The Real Us

We live and breathe experience, but here are a few other things you should know…
01. We believe in having a personal touch. We believe in being thoughtful.
02.We know data-driven strategies combined with insightful innovation leads to success.
04.We pride ourselves in knowing that we are ALL IN on every project we take on.

Want more info, let’s grab a coffee (or a donut… perhaps an ice cream)?!

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