BIRD’S EYE VIEW: Series 001

SXSW 2021: In Review

It’s one of our favorite times of year: SXSW! This year we thought we’d look at things a bit differently. Join us as we apply our Five Pillars to our experience.



The first pillar of the Anatomy of Experience is Navigation.  The navigation rating focuses on three key areas: findability, usability, seamlessness. Find out how successful SXSW was at having their audience find what they were looking for.



The second pillar of the Anatomy of Experience is Relevance, defined as relating to something, it implies a traceable, logical – ideally SIGNIFICANT – connection. It’s what allows someone to connect the dots. Find out how successful SXSW was at meeting this foundational element.  



The third pillar in the RDC Anatomy of Experience is Personalization. How successful was SXSW at welcoming their consumers, guiding them, and tailoring content for their audiences?



Before an event can achieve engagement, there must first be a Connection– the part of the human experience that makes us want more, do more, be more, spend more. Find out how successful SXSW in achieving this.



The fifth and final pillar of the Anatomy of Experience and the ultimate goal of any event is Engagement. Find out how we assessed SXSW in this foundational element.

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