Story: Design for Growth.

As a company that was already in growth-mode, Hanley Wood had a strong portfolio of events. However, it’s easy to ignore the products that are working to put out fires. The result is a disproportionate amount of time spent on saving revenue rather than creating growth. The goal was to assess the existing conference business and create a blueprint for long-term growth.

The Methodology for Growth.

Thoughtful Discovery.

It all began with understanding Hanley Wood’s industry, business model and the data. Seeing the events, consuming the content and analyzing the data allowed for a meaningful view of why, what and how growth can be achieved.

Strategy Design.

Mapping out how the strategy uniquely takes shape brought the discovery to life. The design recommendations included branding, tech innovations, concept development, event content, digital marketing tactics and an internal structure that would prepare the company for growth.

Design Implementation.

Value proposition workshops and brainstorming sessions along with a new 18-month event planning cycle were rolled out to the team. All stakeholders received event strategy workbooks custom-designed for them to replicate the process for each event in the portfolio.

What Our Clients Said.

“What can I say about Robyn Duda Creative! The brightest most creative energetic event expert, face to face and digital in the business. Numerous times we brought Robyn in to help drive strategy, create superior event experiences and drive growth. A superb events and marketing authority and the best at mobilizing and inspiring teams. I can’t imagine an event activity where I didn’t bring Robyn in to add fire and solid thinking to the growth strategy. I highly recommend her…A fantastic business partner.”

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